The Things We Do for Love: "My Dog’s So Happy, He Wrote a Book About It"

Photos courtesy of Steve Gamlin.

Caroline Golon, the human behind popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares stories of pet owners who have gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

When 3-year-old Super Teddy Maximus, a Yorkie-Pomeranian mix, was born in New Orleans, he was the only one in his litter who survived. But today Super Teddy leads such a great life that he even wrote an inspirational book about his secrets to happiness (with help from his owner, motivational speaker Steve Gamlin).

Rags to Riches

After a brief time in foster care in New Orleans, Teddy was included in a rescue transport headed north where his soon-to-be family — Gamlin, his fiancée Tina and her mother — awaited the tiny dog’s arrival. “He fit right in the palm of my hand,” remembers Gamlin.

Photos courtesy of Steve Gamlin.

Teddy adapted quickly to his new home in Dunbarton, N.H. Gamlin says the pooch’s days now consist of one long nap interrupted by spurts of playing with his Snoopy squeaker doll. “We throw it up and down the hallway for him,” Gamlin says. “And he chases that thing, his little claws trying to get traction on the laminate flooring. It’s so cute!”

After Teddy plays, he spends time on the back of the couch, looking out the window and barking at passersby.

“Then he finds the warmest piece of our clothing and naps on it,” Garmlin says with a laugh.


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