The Things We Do for Love: "We Built a Cat Expressway in Our Living Room"

kitty expressway
Dusty Rainbolt
More often than not, at least a couple of cats can be found on this elevated perch.

Getting From Here to There

The elevated platform was so popular with the house full of cats that the couple decided to increase the number of “high” options.

Rainbolt visited a local craft store for the perfect solution. She found shelving that would accommodate the cats' weight and movement and, one by one, bolted different-sized shelves to the wall at varying heights and angles. Soon, there were enough shelves so the cats could walk from the Kitty Cat Loft platform in one corner of the room to the other corner of the room, where Rainbolt installed another platform.

Now, the largest wall in the room is a literal kitty cat expressway. Rainbolt says at any given time, there’s a cat (or two) lounging on the platforms and “surveying” the room from above.

While other families might have chosen to showcase artwork on that expansive wall where the shelves now hang, Rainbolt and Hutto elected to dedicate it to the cats.

“It’s not all that attractive,” Rainbolt says with a laugh. “But it’s all about the cats, and they don’t care what it looks like!”

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