The Things We Do for Love: "We House-Sit and Pet-Sit for Free!"

New Cities, New Pets

Photo courtesy of James Cave
James cuddles up with Angela the alpaca.

The couple’s assignments take them all over the world to care for all kinds of pets. Their most recent assignment was a one-week gig looking after an alpaca farm. “That is definitely our most unusual,” Cave says. Cave says most clients are more interested in the pet-sitting service than the house-sitting aspect of the job. “We’ve even had people say to us, ‘Do what you want to the house; just make sure you spend some quality time with our pets!’”

So far, Cave and Porter are enjoying their lifestyle immensely. But one downside is missing the pets they care for when the assignment is over. “It’s hard to say goodbye,” he says. “We recently finished a pet sit looking after three dogs, and we miss them a lot. Thankfully our next house is only an hour up the road in France, so we’ll probably pop back in to visit!”

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