The Things We Do for Love: "We Spent Hours in a Storm Caring for Our Injured Dog"

Finally, Relief

Credit: Amanda MacArthur and Patrick Hughes

The three stayed up all night, watching the water level out the window. In the morning, when the tide was as far out as they thought it could be, they ventured outside. They’d had the foresight to put their car up on planks on their raised driveway so it wasn’t under water. They carefully drove through flooded streets to Napa’s veterinarian’s office for an emergency visit. “I still don’t know how we didn’t flood the engine,” MacArthur says.

When they arrived at the vet, the staff put Napa under anesthesia and removed the rest of the ring. Fortunately, the worst of Napa’s ordeal was over. When he awoke, he recovered quickly.

After they left the vet, MacArthur and Hughes knew they wouldn’t be able to get back to their home. They booked a pet-friendly hotel and spent the next week snuggling and doting on their brave little Napa.

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