The Things We Do for Love: "We're Allergic to Our Seven Cats But We'll Never Give Them Up"

Bye-Bye, Carpets; Hello, Hardwoods

To minimize clingy cat hair, the couple removed their carpets and area rugs. They sweep their hardwoods and tile daily with a broom, and Barnes vacuums the couches and curtains regularly.

A low-dust cat litter and frequent cleanings keep the many litter boxes from causing allergy flare-ups.

According to Barnes, the steps the couple has taken have vastly improved their allergy symptoms. When one of them does feel an impending attack, they take a pill or go outside to escape.

Barnes says there’s no way she’d ever give up her cats. “We’re fortunate we’ve found a way to manage the allergies,” says Barnes. “But even if we hadn’t, we’d rather suffer than be without our cats.”

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