The Top 5 Animal Commercials of 2012: No. 1

Here at Crittr, we're celebrating a fantastic 2012 by reliving our favorite pet-related advertising moments of the year. Check in with us every day this week to see our picks for the top 5 animal commercials of 2012.

We're not really car people, but if there's anything that could turn us, it's this commercial. We're completely in love with the simplicity of the concept: a dog's unconditional loyalty. No fancy voiceover or complicated plot line necessary. Just a chocolate Lab and a very attractive former member of the Mickey Mouse Club. (Yes, really.)

Also, major props to whoever scored the commercial — the soft piano music (which, by the way, is "The Letting Go" by Mount Moriah) is perfect. The combination of beautiful music and beautiful story is what makes this our absolute favorite pet-starring commercial of 2012.


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