The Top 5 Animal Commercials of 2012: No. 4

Here at Crittr, we're celebrating a fantastic 2012 by reliving our favorite pet-related advertising moments of the year. Check in with us every day this week to see our picks for the top 5 animal commercials of 2012.

What? No, we're not crying. We just have something in our eyes. Yes, both of our eyes.

Maybe it's the Bulldog on a surfboard. Or the avalanche rescue dog digging in the snow. Or maybe it's just the adorable puppy at 0:12.

Whatever it is, this Purina ProPlan commercial gets us every time. We saw it for the first time during the 2012 telecast of the Westminster Dog Show, and we haven't stopped replaying it since.

Take a look for yourself, and you'll see why this heartfelt video is our fourth favorite animal ad of 2012.


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