The Top 5 Animal Commercials of 2012: No. 5

Here at Crittr, we're celebrating a fantastic 2012 by reliving our favorite pet-related advertising moments of the year. Check in with us every day this week to see our picks for the top 5 animal commercials of 2012.

How could we ever forget listening to a canine chorus' rendition of Star Wars music? This Super Bowl commercial had us howling.

You may also remember that this wasn't Volkswagen's official ad during the big game — the real one (one of many featuring pets on game day back in February) starred a dog getting in shape so he could chase a VW down the street. So even though this video was simply a teaser for the official Super Bowl ad, we've chosen Volkswagen's doggieImperial March as our fifth favorite animal commercial of 2012.


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