The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Holiday shopping is so much easier when you can adhere to some sort of theme, and that's never more the case than it is with cat lovers. Whether you're picking up a gift for someone with a cat or looking for the perfect present to take home to your own kitty, the cat-centric options are virtually limitless.

But don't worry — we're here to help. We've selected a few of our favorite feline finds for our gift guide, and we just know these items will delight any cat lover. And if you end up getting an item or two for yourself? Hey, we're not going to judge. We'll let your cat do that.

The Coolest Gifts for Cat Lovers

Curio Modern Cat Litterbox
CURIO Modern Cat Litter Box

Litterboxes are a necessity in every cat owner’s home, but their presence doesn’t have to be obvious. Whether you’re buying for your own home or for another cat owner, this decorative litterbox also functions as a cat perch or even as a side table… just as long as the kitty is comfortable going into a covered litterbox.

CURIO Modern Cat Litter Box, $259.

Black and White Cat Print
DIGIArtPrints Black Cat Art

Simple but striking, these black-and-white cat silhouettes capture the playful nature of cats but in a really sophisticated way. Just keep in mind that these come unframed, so if you want to give a ready-to-hang gift, you’ll need to frame the two prints on your own.

Black Cat Art, $16 and up at DIGIArtPrints, Etsy.

Tipsy Elves Cat Lady Sweater
Tipsy Elves Women's Crazy Cat Lady Sweater

Crazy holiday sweaters are a hot item every time this season rolls around, and this one is quite appropriate for the ultimate cat lover! It even comes with its own jingly bells. Paw-some.

Tipsy Elves Women's Crazy Cat Lady Sweater, $59.

Carboard Cat Castles Book
"Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself"

For the person who lives to dote on his cat, consider this book of DIY cardboard cat castles. It features simple instructions to create 20 cat-friendly designs, including an airplane, food truck, pirate ship and more. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving... to the cat!

Cat Castles, $11.24 at Amazon.

all black cats are not alike book
"All Black Cats Are Not Alike"

Owners of black cats already know that their raven-furred darlings are unique… but they’ll still love receiving a book that backs up that belief! This quirky read shares cute, humorous and touching details about 50 real-life black cats in a way that’ll make any cat owner appreciate her cat’s special attributes.

All Black Cats Are Not Alike, $15.95 at Chronicle Books.

Easy Feed
gosh! easyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder

This automatic food and water dispenser is basically the ultimate in tech. Automatic feeders aren't all that revolutionary — in fact, we previously recommended using them to help kitties stay quiet in the morning — but one that allows you to use an app to chat with your cat and automatically orders more food when you're running low? That'll have any cat owner purring. 

gosh! easyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder, $249.95.

custom cat pendant
Custom Cat Portrait Pendant

True cat lovers are never shy about sharing how much they love their feline friends, so what better gift than a custom kitty pendant that allows her to bring her best friend anywhere she goes?

Custom Cat Portrait Pendant, $50 at JasminBlancBoutique, Etsy.

Cat Ledge
Primetime Petz Nest Perch Wall-Mounted Cat Perch & Lounge

With this wall-mounted Nest Perch, give your cat an elevated, sturdy place to rest, watch and play. It’s available in two colors and has thick felt pads to help keep your kitty from slipping.

Primetime Petz Nest Perch Wall-Mounted Cat Perch & Lounge, $69.99 at hauspanther.

Nekochan tunnel system for cats
Nekochan Interactive U J I Cat Tunnel System

Not every cat is a climber, and if you’re shopping for a kitty who prefers to burrow and hide, take a look at the latest from Nekochan. This tunnel system has a wide variety of options to keep even the most curious kitties on their toes.

Nekochan Interactive U J I Cat Tunnel System, $41-$150.

Cat print tea towel
Kitty Cat Pattern Tea Towel

Not everyone wants every item in his house to scream CATS CATS CATS — and, hey, we get it. A subtler kitty print, like the one on this patterned tea towel, might look right at home. At first glance, it just looks like a colorful pattern, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that it’s absolutely cat-tastic.

Kitty Cat Pattern Tea Towel, $14 at Naked Decor.

Sweet Pickles Designs Cat Corsage
Sweet Pickles' Designs Red Kitty Corsage

Why should humans be the only ones who get to dress up? Get your kitty in on the fancy action with this adorable, removable kitty corsage that fastens onto a cat-safe collar. It’s festive for the holidays, but is there ever a time when a rose isn’t appropriate? We think not.

Sweet Pickles' Designs Red Kitty Corsage, $10.50.

Cat Wall Decals
DecaltheWalls Cats With a Butterfly Wall Decal

Shopping for someone who needs to liven up a room? Wall decals are a simple, temporary and affordable way to make that happen. What's even better: The lucky recipient can place the five cats and single butterfly anywhere she likes to really customize the look. (If you’re a good friend, you might even offer to help her decorate.)

DecaltheWalls Cats With a Butterfly Wall Decal, $24.99 at AllModern.

wind up furry cat toy
Skedaddles Jitter Critter Cat Toys

Every cat owner loves to watch his kitty get riled up and chase a moving toy, so this furry wind-up toy makes a perfect gift. Just be sure that whomever receives this knows that it should be given to his cat only under supervision, due to the wind-up nature of the toy. 

Skedaddles Jitter Critter Cat Toys, $10 each at Muttropolis.

zen modern cat scratcher
The Refined Feline Zen Cat Scratcher

Have a cat owner with serious style on your list? A traditional cat scratcher might not mesh well with her decor, but this sleek and modern scratcher and perch is almost certain to be a purr-fect fit.

The Refined Feline Zen Cat Scratcher, $149.99.

Pusheen the cat Coloring Book
"Pusheen" Coloring Book

This cartoon tabby is one of the internet's favorite felines, and this cute-as-can-be coloring book is the perfect way to bring Pusheen into someone's offline life as well. Those who are already fans of I Am Pusheen the Cat will be delighted by the familiar drawings, while those who are new to the cartoon will simply appreciate how adorable the book is.

Pusheen Coloring Book, $12.99 at Simon & Schuster.

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