Think There’s No Cause for Concern Regarding Rabies? Think Again.

How You Can Help Keep Rabies at Bay

The important point to remember is that although we can congratulate ourselves on our success at minimizing the dreaded disease in our pets, there’s still work to be done.

There are currently laws in 40 U.S. states that require the vaccination of dogs against rabies, and many more local ordinances that regulate rabies prevention.

But since rabies prevention isn’t a legal requirement for all furry pets, it’s critical for owners to comply with vaccination recommendations for all dogs and cats.

It’s also crucial to avoid unnecessary contact with wild animals — and promptly report animal bites or close interactions with an animal who “wasn’t acting right” to state health officials.

Finally, take a moment today to be grateful for Louis Pasteur and the creation of a vehicle that can prevent such devastating diseases as rabies.

And know that when you make a conscious effort to protect your animals, you are taking a very important step for the protection of us all.

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