This Jewelry Is Purr-fection

Cat Necklace

Whether you wear it to honor a furry friend or just because you love cats, these pieces will make you look ferocious. Or — dare we say it? — furr-rocious. (Yes, we said it.) Thanks to the fine feline-loving folks at Hauspanther who brought this to our attention, cat lovers can adorn themselves with these pretty pieces from Buggadesign on Etsy. There are plenty of black acrylic jewelry items to choose from, including a brooch, earrings and necklaces. Crystal accents will catch the eye of other cat people, and the sleek design makes each piece an easy add-on to any outfit.

We're sure all your pals will say "me-wow" to your new bling!

Black Cat Jewelry, $12-$25 at Buggadesign on Etsy.

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