Thousands March in Washington, D.C., to End Discrimination and Abuse Against Pit Bulls

Last year, Corry took Angel to Washington, D.C., and took a picture of her in front of the White House with a sign under her chin that said, “Mr. President Be Our Voice.” After she took the photo, she turned around and was surprised to find people taking pictures of her and Angel.

“I was like: This is a powerful image,” Corry told Vetstreet.

Then she posted the photo on Facebook, where it got a lot of attention.

“I just became obsessed and started thinking, 'How come this has never happened? How come nobody’s marched on Pit Bulls' behalf?' I mean, people march all the time — it’s our First Amendment right,” Corry says. “It was shocking to me that no one had ever done it.”

A few days later she performed a comedy show at the Arlington Cinema & Draft House in Virginia, and after the show she said out loud, “Next year, we are going to march on Washington.” The crowd went wild.

A Year of Hard Work Pays Off

When Corry took to the stage on Saturday — after a year of daily planning and organizing — she stood in front of the crowd of thousands and spoke passionately about failing breed-specific legislation, the troubling discrimination against Pit Bulls and the horrific violence and abuse the breed faces.

“Abuse and discrimination is wrong. Whether the victim has two legs or four,” she told the crowd.

Corry also suggested ways march participants could help raise awareness about the cause, from writing and calling lawmakers to being smart on social media. Instead of sharing graphic images on Facebook or Instagram, Corry said it would be more powerful to post information about the breed and to offer solutions to the problem. She also implored people to start their own marches, speak up in their community and educate others about breed-specific legislation and dog fighting.

“This is not just an animal issue," she said. "This is a human issue. This is a social issue. This is everyone’s problem.”


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