Throwback Thursday: Barkley on "Sesame Street"

Barkley from Sesame Street
Barkley, the dog from Sesame Street, has rarely appeared on the show in the 21st century.

There are many memorable characters from Sesame Street, but one of our favorites is Barkley the dog. Barkley first appeared on the Sesame Street scene in Season 9 (1978-1979) with the name Woof-Woof. In the Season 10 premiere, the cast voted to rename him Barkley, but we haven't seen much of this iconic pup lately. According to IMDB Barkley has only shown up in one episode since 1989. When we first met this adorable furry creature, who resembles an Old English Sheepdog, he belonged to Linda the librarian. Linda was a deaf character and as a result the very smart Barkley understands American Sign Language signs for "sit" and "stay." Although he belonged to Linda he always had a very close relationship with Big Bird and even accompanied him to China and Japan.

We don't know if Barkley will be extinct from Sesame Street, but we hope they bring him back to the TV cast. His last appearance was in the episode Frankly, It's a Habitat in 2009, but it seems he still makes regular appearances in the books.

Here's one of our favorite Barkley classic clips from the show. We miss this precious pooch!


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