Throwback Thursday: Pound Puppies

Remember when you could ask for a puppy for your birthday and you actually got one? Sure, it was a stuffed, plush dog, but Pound Puppies came with an adoption certificate and an awesome carrying case. Plus, you had the satisfaction that by taking in an adorable droopy-eyed puppy and you had saved him from the evil Katrina Stoneheart (you know, the villain from the 1986 animated TV series who would stop at nothing to close down the Puppy Pound). While you can no longer find Cooler, Bright Eyes and Howler on toy store shelves, you can still watch the Pound Puppies on TV. In fact, on August 25, you can spend your Saturday morning watching a marathon of the revamped, modern version of the cartoon. As part of its “Dog Days of Summer” week, The Hub television network is airing several episodes of Pound Puppies starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

While the new version of the cartoon centers around a different group of puppies at a different shelter, the basic premise remains the same — these canines just want to be adopted already.


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