Tiger Cubs Named After Andy Murray

Tiger cubs named after Andy Murray
Highland Wildlife Park

If anyone deserves to have tigers named after him, it’s Andy Murray.

The 26-year-old Scottish tennis star beat out Novak Djokovic in a nail-biting championship match to become the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon.

To celebrate the historic victory, Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland named their two male Amur tiger cubs Murray and Viktor.

“Although we have used Russian names for our previous tiger births, it is an honor to be able to name one of our newest arrivals after Andy Murray and pay homage to his remarkable achievement,” said carnivore head keeper, Una Richardson.

The month-old duo made their debut last week, and took their first wobbly steps around their enclosure. We hope their champion namesake will take some time out of his doubtlessly busy schedule to pay them a visit.


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