Tiny Fawn Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Baby Pudu
Bob Pitchford/Bristol Zoo

A pudu fawn born in May at the Bristol Zoo Gardens in the U.K. recently explored his paddock with mom and dad for the first time. The youngster is still a little shy, though. “Mum is very good at moving him around as she sees fit but he will always choose a quiet and secluded spot to settle,” said Lynsey Bugg, assistant curator for mammals.

We understand if he's a little frightened of the great outdoors. The world probably seems absolutely enormous and overwhelming to this tiny creature. The fawn only weighed about 2 pounds at birth, and at his most recent weigh-in, he tipped the scales at 4 pounds!

The pudu, in case you were unaware, is the world’s smallest deer species. In fact, when this fawn is full-grown, he’ll only be 15 inches tall (not much taller than your average ruler). Like most deer, the pudu grows antlers, but his will only be 4 inches long. So basically, the pudu is a pocket-sized (and cuter) Bambi that we're hoping we can cuddle with soon — since, sadly, those adorable spots won't last forever.

Pudu fawn and mother
Bob Pitchford/Bristol Zoo

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