Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pizza Is Possibly the Best Thing You Will See Today

We all know that an animal that is both small and fluffy is, by definition, cute, so what could be cuter than a tiny hamster?

How about a tiny hamster eating a tiny slice of pizza? We dare you to top that.

Chicken, a 1-year-old Russian dwarf hamster, appears to have been inspired in her lunch choice by a tiny hamster eating a burrito. We're hoping the two of them will get together and go out for some tiny hamster-sized sushi. (Think of the chopsticks! And the teeny-tiny wasabi!)

And in case you're wondering exactly how small this tiny hamster and her tiny pizza really are, the video includes another of our favorite animal-themed Internet memes: Banana for Scale. And, yes, Chicken the Hamster is much smaller than that banana.

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