Tiny Kitten Rescued From Drainpipe in Detroit

At just 5 weeks old, little Rudy already has a big story.

The adorable kitten was rescued from a drainpipe outside a Detroit home by the Michigan Humane Society after the homeowner called to report that he could hear kittens crying under his back porch, according to WXYZ.

“He wants to come out really bad,” one of the rescuers can be heard saying on the Humane Society video (below), as the group struggles to reach Rudy.

While the rescuers worked on getting Rudy out of the pipe, they realized he had three siblings nearby, and pulled them from a small hole in the foundation.

After an hour of work, Rudy was freed from the pipe. All of the kittens headed to the shelter for food, medicine and some much-needed TLC.

If no one comes forward to claim them, the youngsters will be put up for adoption on Thursday.


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