Top 10 Bird Dangers Lurking in Your Home

8. Plants

Many people unknowingly bring plants into their homes that are toxic to birds.While cats and dogs often will leave plants alone, birds like to chew on plant material and will get into trouble when they decide to “taste” a household plant. Birds eat plants in the wild, so why should it be any different in a house? Some plants are merely irritating to birds when ingested, while others can cause fatal intoxication. Before bringing a plant into your home, make sure it is not potentially poisonous to pets.

9. Pest Control

Rodent traps, sticky paper and fly strips designed to catch rodents and insects are all hazardous to birds. Birds can get stuck in them or, if they eat poison bait from these traps, they can die. Even if they simply get stuck in the trap’s glue, it is sometimes nearly impossible to extract them without tearing their fragile skin or ripping out their feathers. Birds should be kept far away from any baited or sticky pest traps and should be brought to a veterinarian immediately if they get entangled in one.

10. Human Germs

Birds feed other birds by chewing up food and regurgitating it to family members. This practice is safe bird-to-bird because avian family members share similar types of bacteria in their mouths and crops (the dilated pouch in their throat where they store food and start to digest it). Humans, however, have numerous bacteria, yeast and other organisms in their mouths that are very different from those of birds. In fact, many of the bacteria in humans’ mouths can cause serious, potentially life-threatening infections in birds. Consequently, bird owners should never share food from their mouths with their pet birds and should be careful about using utensils that have been in their mouths to cut food for their birds.

Birds are great pets in the right circumstances. Many species can live dozens of years and are passed down from generation to generation within families. If you love your bird and want to keep him healthy and happy, don’t forget to pet-proof your home so that you also keep him safe!


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