Top 10 Cat Products at Global Pet Expo 2013

Dog might be man's best friend, but our feline companions are certainly sitting pretty if the selection of new products at Global Pet Expo 2013 is any indication.

From food puzzles that delight all your kitty's senses to carriers and litterbox covers that will make you smile, we bring you our favorite cat products from the show.

Our Favorite Kitty Toys, Accessories, Scratchers and More

CatIt Senses


Catit Senses Comfort Zone

If there was a Disney World for cats, Catit's Senses Comfort Zone bed is the latest in the Senses modules, which work together to create an enriching, relaxing or stimulating system for your cat. Mix and match the system that works for you — combine a bed, a drinking fountain, a feeding maze or even a grass garden kit to create your cat's ultimate enrichment experience.

Catit Senses Comfort Zone, $14.99 to $41.99.

Supercat Catnip Crumbles


SuperCat Catnip Crumples

Talk about the ultimate sensory experience! SuperCat products are "printed" with aroma releasing "Nanoburst" Scratch 'n Sniff technology. Each time your kitty scratches or rubs at it, the paper releases thousands of catnip particles making for a good time every time he plays with it.

SuperCat Catnip Crumples are available at your local pet retailer for $5.99.

Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Cover

Refined Feline

Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Cover

With the Catemporary Cat Cover from the Refined Feline, litterbox life doesn't have to be ugly or messy! These roomy, polypropylene litterbox covers are an inexpensive and easy way to give your cat privacy and keep litter mess contained. Each cover comes with a set of fun decals you can use to make your litterbox cover an attractive part of your decor. Easy to clean, easy to use and available in large and jumbo size, they're a great solution to the litterbox blues.

The Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Cover will be available online in April and retails for $24.99 to $29.99.

Pet Links Purrfect Order PurrfectOrder litter accessory organizer and the VaporVault

Pet Links

Pet Links PurrfectOrder Litter Accessory Organizer and VaporVault

A clean litterbox is essential to your cat's well-being, and the PurrfectOrder Litter Accessory Organizer and VaporVault make it easy for cat owners to manage this messy job. Two separate modules work together to give owners a hassle- and mess-free scooping experience. Store bags, scoops and other items in the organizer, and deposit the waste in the stink-catching vapor vault. It will almost make scooping the litterbox fun! 

PurrfectOrder Litter Accessory Organizer and VaporVault will be available at PetSmart and independent pet stores in May, $19.99 (each module is sold separately).

Company of Animals Nita Ottosson Mix Max puzzle

Nita Ottosson

Nita Ottosson Mix Max puzzle

No matter how savvy or slow your cat may be when it comes to treat puzzles, the Nita Ottosson Mix Max Puzzle has an appropriate level to keep things fun. The interlocking modular boards enable you to mix and match easy, medium and advanced levels or create a giant interactive treat puzzle to give your cat hours of frisky, feline fun.

Nita Ottosson Mix Max puzzle will be available at your local pet retail store in April for $10.

Imperial Cat Moustache Scratcher

Imperial Cat

Imperial Cat Moustache Scratcher

You moustache your cat to stop scratching the furniture! With the latest in the Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes line, this super-hip moustache-shaped scratcher lets your kitty scratch and claw to his heart's content. Designed for multiple uses, cats can scratch, play and then curl up on his 'stache for a nap.

Imperial Cat Moustache Scratcher, $27.95.

Pet Links Crazy Tail

Pet Links

Pet Links Crazy Tail

This adorable motorized string toy, Crazy Tail, is certainly aptly named! It's a plastic mouse with a kooky, squiggly tail that cats will love batting, chasing and grabbing. Hang the toy on a doorknob or use the suction cups on the back to affix it to a window. Press the mouse's nose to turn it on and be ready to laugh your, um, tail off as your cat goes crazy for Crazy Tail.

Pet Links Crazy Tail, $5.99.

Wacky Paws Pet Carrier

Wacky Paws Cat Carrier

These funky and functional cat carriers will keep your cat comfortable while you strut around town in style. Made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, Wacky Paws pet carriers are also collapsible for easy storage. The best part? A built-in water bottle gives your cat access to a drink on the road whenever he needs it.

Wacky Paws Cat Carrier, $45.

Trixie Fantasy Board


Trixie Fantasy Board

The five different modules in Trixie's Fantasy Board present various tasks to heighten your cat's skills in smell, taste, sight, physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Fantasy Board includes a booklet filled with tips and tricks for designing the optimum training experience for your kitty. The board is meant for cats ages 3 months and up and is suitable for old or sick cats as well.

Trixie Fantasy Board will be available at your local pet retailer in April for $29.

Petsport USA Kat Fishin'

Petsport USA

Petsport USA Kat Fishin' Toy

Bubbles, fish, catnip, oh my! The Kat Fishin' Toy stimulates all of your cat's senses and promotes exercise and enrichment play. The colorful fish on the end of the fishing line is infused with catnip oil and, when cats bat the fish around, the toy makes a fun bubbly sound.

Petsport USA Kat Fishin' toy is available at pet retailers, $7.


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