Treat Your Cat in Style With Arthur Court

Arthur Court Cat Treat Jar

Your cat knows she's fancy — and she reminds you of it all the time. You humor her by offering nothing but the best cat treats, but if you're storing them in a plain old plastic container, you're not living up to kitty's expectations. Instead of that ugly Tupperware, keep your cat's treats in this beautiful jar from artist Arthur Court. This storage container combines a pebbled glass jar and a stylish aluminum lid, with a signature Arthur Court sculpture of a cat reaching for a fish. It is guaranteed to raise the level of snack-time sophistication for your cat. (And also guaranteed to look better on your kitchen counter than that plastic monstrosity.) There is also a companion dog treat canister available for the sophisticated pooch. Both make ideal wedding or housewarming gifts for your pet-loving friends.

These pieces are not dishwasher-safe. Hand wash, and dry the aluminum top immediately to prevent staining.

Arthur Court Cat Treat Jar, $65.

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