Trio of Timid Snow Leopard Cubs Leaves the Nest

Three snow leopard cubs at the Helsinki Zoo in Finland were lured from their nest with meat.
Helsinki Zoo

Three baby snow leopard sisters weren’t so sure about taking the opportunity to venture out of the nest they share with their mom for the first time at Finland’s Helsinki Zoo — until a caretaker brought out some meat. That seemed to do the trick!

The cubs, who were born on June 23, now weigh between 7 and 8 pounds each, thanks to the good care they've had from mom, reports Zooborns.

Snow leopards are an endangered species, but the Helsinki Zoo has successfully bred more than 100 of them since 1960.

You can watch them in action in the cute video below. (But first, we had to show you this adorable face!)

A snow leopard cub peeks out of her nest at the Helsinki Zoo in Finland.
Helsinki Zoo

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