Tune in to the 2014 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day

Is watching The National Dog Show part of your family's Thanksgiving tradition? If it is, mark your calendars for the 13th annual broadcast tomorrow on NBC, immediately following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Tune in for commentary from the telecast's trio of hosts: actor John O'Hurley, AKC-licensed judge and author David Frei, and NBC Olympic Games correspondent Mary Carillo.

More than 1,500 canines will compete for the coveted Best in Show title, having to first secure Best of Breed and First in Group titles before making it to the final round. Two new breeds aim to shine in their National Dog Show debuts this year: the cuddly Coton de Tulear (in the Non-Sporting group) and the athletic Wirehaired Vizsla (in the Sporting group).

If you watched last year, you may remember that Jewel the American Foxhound made history by being the first-ever hound to win The National Dog Show, which was dominated by terriers in five of its first 11 years. But, as always, this year is anyone's game!

Check out our photo gallery for the behind-the-scenes action that you may not see on TV tomorrow.

National Dog Show 2014 Benching

National Dog Show Airedale Terrier

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Fernando Salas of Oakland, New Jersey, gives a smooch to his 7-month-old Airedale Terrier, Reina. Her name means "queen" in Spanish.

National Dog Show Belgian Tervuren

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Nukaq is a 2-year-old Belgian Tervuren whose name means "little sister" in Inuit. She and her sister, Valor, are both therapy dogs.

National Dog Show Komondor

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Chauncy the Komondor drew plenty of admiring fans who asked to touch his corded white coat.

National Dog Show Standard Poodle

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Darby the Poodle gets pampered — er, groomed — before her turn in the ring.

National Dog Show Wire-haired Vizsla

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Mark Goodwein of California holds his "50-pound lapdog," a Wirehaired Vizsla named Izzy.

National Dog Show Bedlington Terrier

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Is there a more perfect name for this gorgeous Bedlington Terrier than Vogue? We don't think so!

National Dog Show Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

What's so funny, Lucy? This 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi loved goofing off for the camera.

National Dog Show Great Dane

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

A handler adjusts her Great Dane in the show ring.

National Dog Show French Bulldog

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Thanks to her friendly personality and adorable bat ears, Maddie the 5-year-old French Bulldog made lots of friends in the benching area.

National Dog Show Siberian Husky

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Ziva the Siberian Husky waits for her turn in the ring.

National Dog Show Spinone Italiano

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Can you tell which shaggy breed this nose belongs to? The answer is here.

National Dog Show Bullmastiff

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

A handler leans down to kiss her Bullmastiff in the ring as a judge looks on.

National Dog Show Wheaten Terrier

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Is it just us or is this Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier winning Movember?

National Dog Show Spanish Water Dog

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Rudi the Spanish Water Dog shows off the breed's signature curls.

National Dog Show Poodle Grooming

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Co-owner and handler Michelle Birchard grooms Sam, a 7-month-old Poodle.

National Dog Show Border Collie

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Boo the Border Collie's owner says she's the calmest example of a breed not exactly known for being calm!

National Dog Show Shiba Inu

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Two Shiba Inu dogs wait attentively outside the show ring.

National Dog Show Bulldog

Shayna Meliker, vetstreet.com

Frannie the Bulldog slept like this for a while — unwittingly posing for more than a few pictures.

If you can't tune in for the first telecast, which airs Thanksgiving Day from noon to 2 p.m. in all time zones, cover your ears and stay off Twitter so you can be surprised by the results during NBC's encore broadcast on Saturday from 8 to 10 p.m.

So grab your remotes, call in your canines, and may the best dog win!


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