Two Cats and a Baby: One Mom's Adventures in Parenting Pets and People

A Family Forever

As stressful as all this was — a strange house, a sick cat, a new baby — we never considered getting rid of the cats. In fact, some good came from it.

Our strange situation gave Andrew and Mina a chance to bond. She had been my cat before I met him, a gift from an ex-boyfriend, but now he felt responsible for her. Waldo, as we expected, was even sweeter than usual, being a bit starved for affection. And though I can’t say that the cats were super excited about our new infant addition, they seemed to understand on some innate level that they should respect her space. We, their caregivers, obviously wanted to protect her, so they left her alone.

We finally made it back to Brooklyn, after a short stint at Andrew’s family’s house in Washington, D.C. (where, to make things even more complicated, there was a dog). Once our furniture was moved into our new place, we all took a collective deep breath and settled onto the bed to relax and play with the baby.

And in that moment I knew that instead of our cats losing our affection, they completed the picture: This was our new family.


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