Two-Legged Puppies Learn to Walk on Their Hind Limbs

Three dogs, eight legs.

The math seems wrong, but that's how it adds up for veterinarian Erin Schults, who's caring for a very special litter of three puppies. The lone female dog has four legs, but the two male pups, named Moose and Maverick, each only have two hind legs. Someone left the puppies and their mother in the drop box at Dallas Animal Services, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

“At the very beginning, they were just pushing themselves on their face,” Schults told the station. “The first three weeks, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing by, you know, keeping them alive."

But after a slanted stand for their food bowl started to strengthen their legs — and their spirits, Schults notes — the veterinarian knew her foster puppies would be OK. According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, the dogs will be up for adoption as soon as they get used to walking on two legs.

Watch the heartwarming video of these adorable puppies working with what they have. And for more information, visit CBS Dallas-Fort Worth's report.


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