Two Puppy Live Cams = Two Browser Tabs

The Pet Collective seriously doesn't want us to get any work done, right? There's no other explanation for having a German Wirehaired Pointer puppy cam and a Yorkshire Terrier puppy cam running at the same time. How could we not have both of them open in two separate windows?

Just as we're writing this post, the Pointer puppies are sleeping in an adorable little Pointer pile. And the Yorkie puppies? Sleeping in an adorable little Yorkie pile. What are the chances? (OK, the chances are probably pretty high. Puppies sleep a lot. But whatever, that's not the point.)

This point is that today is your lucky day, because we've devised a way for you to watch both puppy cams on one page! That way, when your boss stops by unannounced, you only have to hurriedly close one browser tab, instead of two. You can thank us later.

Pointer Cam

Yorkie Cam


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