"Ugly" Holiday Sweaters for Dogs

Feeling a little overwhelmed by well-meant holiday cheer? It might be time to bust out the ugly Christmas sweaters — for you and Fido. This year, deck the halls with just a little bit of irony with one of these fun and festive (and not-so-serious) dog sweaters. Because nothing lifts your spirits like man's best friend in a light-up sweater (although you may have to offer some extra treats to get your pooch on board with this).

Ugly Holiday Sweaters for Dogs

dog in santa sweater


Holiday Party Sweater

The Ugly Holiday Sweater Party has grown to be a thing, with specific rules about what constitutes an "ugly" sweater. This year, your pooch will fit right in at the festivities in this holiday sweater from Petco. Appliques? Check. Bells? Check. Goofy Santa face? Check.

Holiday Party Dog Sweater, $15 at Petco.

dog in holiday sweater


Santa Dog Sweater

"Tell me the truth: Does this sweater make my butt look big? No? Promise? Because I feel like it does."

Santa Dog Sweater, $34-$46 at BaxterBoo.


LED Blinking Star Sweater

A dog in a holiday sweater is festive, but you know what's more festive? A dog in an LED light-up sweater! This one has a blinking star that will most likely drive the cat crazy. Happy holidays!

Zack and Zoe Twinkling Star Dog Sweater, $15-$20 at Petkaboodle.

dog with pom pom elf costume

Party City

Elf Dog Costume

Sure, a sweater is cute, but you know what's cuter? Dressing your dog up like an elf! We're sure he will love this getup, complete with pom pom anklets. Just keep reminding him that he looks adorable and not goofy at all.

Elf Dog Costume, $17 at Party City.

dog with reindeer sweater on


Ruby Reindeer Holiday Dog Sweater

We're not sure about the protocol here: Can one animal wear a sweater with another animal on it? It's the holidays and anything seems to go, so we'll say yes, but only because this reindeer looks kind of like a Dachshund to us.

Rudy Reindeer Holiday Dog Sweater, $15 at Dog.com.

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