U.K. Zoo Hand-Rears Mini Antelope

Chester Zoo
Aluna stands on Tim Rowlands' desk at the Chester Zoo.

She’s about as tall as a TV remote, and weighs only a little more than a bag of sugar — but the Chester Zoo’s baby Kirk’s dik-dik antelope is a handful for her keepers!

The tiny dik-dik failed to bond with her mom, so she’s being hand-raised by the U.K. zoo’s curator of mammals, Tim Rowlands. She sleeps at Rowlands’ house each night, and has her early morning and late-night bottles there before commuting with him to the zoo for the day.

The little one is named Aluna, which means “come here” in Swahili. “It’s rather apt!” says Rowlands. That’s because she keeps him and the others who work with him busy while she darts around the office.


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