"Unadoptable" Sad-Faced Cat Gets Adopted

Ben Ben the cat has had a difficult life, and his face showed it. He was brought in as a stray at the British Columbia SPCA, and was suffering from several injuries, including a damaged ear and spine. “I fell in love right away,” said Sandy Windover, who works at an emergency vet clinic. After Ben Ben was transferred to the BCSPCA hospital, he was deemed “unadoptable” because of his condition and was slated to be put down — until Windover and her boyfriend stepped in. “We decided to adopt him because we believe everyone deserves a chance! He was so broken and sick and didn’t look like he’d ever been loved!! His face melted our hearts and we knew we had to take a chance on him!” He’s now looking comfortable and content in their home, and he loves to explore and meet new people, Windover said. Now, Ben Ben is using his Internet fame to help other strays who need medical help with a GoFundMe page. — See more photos at the Huffington Post

The BCSPCA were nice to me. They helped fix me up and gave me this silly pink bandage.

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