Understudy Cat in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Gets the Boot

Breakfast at Tiffany's cast with Montie the cat
John Lamparski, WireImage
Montie the cat has been let go from his understudy acting job in the Broadway production of Breakfast at Tiffany's. He's pictured here with cast members Emilia Clarke and Cory Michael Smith.

The claws came out on the Breakfast at Tiffany's set, and it was Montie the feline understudy who got scratched from the playbill. The New York Times reports that the black and white cat has been fired for not following stage directions and for being difficult to work with. He had already lost out on the chance to headline as Holly Golightly’s companion — to a big, orange tabby named Vito Vincent. Now it seems his new transgressions have pushed him even further from the spotlight of the Great White Way.

A video and narrative published by The Times earlier this month may have foreshadowed trouble ahead for the embattled cat actor. From humble beginnings as a rescue cat at the Dawn Animal Agency (a 300-acre animal sanctuary in New York's Hudson Valley), he made his way to the Broadway stage with owner Babette Corelli — who, incidentally, is the cat trainer for the production. For that reason, The Times reports, Montie will stay at the theater.

Diane Katz, coordinator for talent at the sanctuary, says understudy responsibilities will now be handled by two of its other rescue cats: Chessie and Moo.

Meanwhile, Montie will resume work on other acting projects. His resume includes scenes in Rescue Me, 30 Rock, Sex and the City, Law & Order and the film The Life Before Her Eyes with Uma Thurman.

"The ones that are prone to be in show business help to support the others who don't work," she says. "That's what our sanctuary is about."

Hopefully all this casting commotion won't rattle Vito Vincent, who Variety says delighted guests at Wednesday's opening night party for the show. Because, you never know — there might be another cat star waiting in the wings.


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