Unique Dog Names: Food and Drink Edition

What made you choose your dog's name? Sometimes a name is picked because it's popular or, perhaps, because it's a perfect fit for that specific dog breed.And sometimes the monikers we choose are based on something else we love.

We sorted through more than 10.4 million dog names and 4.6 million cat names in the Vetstreet database, pulling out 186,258 unique names. Then we looked a little bit further to find ones inspired by favorite foods and drinks.

Of course, just because a dog's name is based on a tasty human treat, it doesn't mean that it is safe or healthy for your pet to consume (although, there are some people foods that are OK for your pup!).

Also, take note that the photos in the slideshow below are not photos of theactual dogs with these names.

Dog Names Inspired by Our Favorite Foods and Drinks

Dogs named after food and drink: Pupcicle



Some people's favorite summertime treat might come in the form of an ice pop, but we suspect a few snuggles with a pup named Pupcicle would be just as refreshing.

Dogs named after food and drink: Chilidawg



We think this is a pretty inspired name for a beloved wiener dog.

Dogs named after food and drink:  Pupperjack



There are numerous ways to add a little spice to your life. Adding a peppery cheese to your sandwich is one way; adding an adorable puppy to your family is another.

Dogs named after food and drink: Puppermint



Which do you prefer: the smell of minty fresh breath or the smell of puppy breath? (We suspect you can guess our answer.)

Dogs named after food and drink



It's not cheesy to name your favorite dog after your No. 1 pizza topping. Not cheesy at all.

Dogs named after food and drink: Pupperroni



Speaking of popular pizza toppings, what's a pie without pep — er, make that pup — peroni? 

Dogs named after food and drink: Puprika



Paprika might not go with everything, but you know what does? A canine companion!

Dogs named after food and drink: Sodapup



We think that playing with a puppy is much more stimulating than indulging in a favorite soft drink.

Dogs named after food and drink: Puppernickel



Which is more crave-worthy: a deli sandwich made with fresh pumpernickel or spending a few minutes petting an adorable pooch name Puppernickel?

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