Veteran With Service Dog Asked to Leave Chicago Restaurant

A Chicago restaurant is apologizing to Maj. Diggs Brown, who retired from the Army Special Forces, after insisting he couldn’t have his service dog at his side. Brown said the black Labrador Retriever, Arthur Barker Black, helps him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder. After he ordered breakfast Saturday at Cochon Volant, he said he was told the dog couldn’t be in the restaurant. He tried to explain that the Americans with Disabilities Act allowed him to bring the service dog into public places but the manager said, “I don’t care.” Brown said he was “a little bit humiliated” by the incident. The restaurant’s management has now apologized twice on Facebook. The establishment also said it would train its employees on the ADA, and made a donation to Puppies Behind Bars, which is the group that trained Arthur. “I have no animosity towards this restaurant," said Brown, who lives in Colorado. "It's just a fact of life that a lot of people are not aware of the ADA laws and how they pertain to service dogs or service animals." — Read it at the Chicago Tribune


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