Veterinarian Climbs Into Cage to Comfort Abandoned Dog

A video of a Georgia veterinarian climbing into the cage of an abandoned dog to comfort her and eat breakfast with her has melted hearts across the Internet. The stray, starving dog was in rough shape when a Good Samaritan found her on a dirt round and brought her to Dr. Andy Mathis at Granite Hills Animal Care. When he noticed that Graycie wasn’t eating one morning, Mathis grabbed his own breakfast and climbed into the cage with her. He took bites of his cereal while hand feeding her until she decided to dig in on her own. His compassionate actions were captured on video, and the video has been viewed 6 million times on social media. Mathis says Graycie is continuing to get stronger and she’ll be up for adoption once she’s healthy. There’s now a line of people waiting to give her a home! — Read it at Today


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