Veterinarian’s Family Saves Abused Dog

Fate must have intervened when Shrek the dog made his way to the home of a Canadian veterinarian and her family.

It was Dr. Brenda Gough’s husband who came across the dog on their remote, 100-acre farm in Ontario two weeks ago, and the disheveled dog’s fur was so matted and gray that the Maltese Poodle was unrecognizable. In fact, Gough’s husband thought he might be looking at a piece of carpet by the pond on their property, she told Canada’s National Post.

Gough brought Shrek, who she named after the ogre from the animated DreamWorks movie, to the veterinary clinic where she works. There, she and her colleagues shaved off 3.5 pounds of fur, about half his body weight, revealing a small white dog underneath.

Gough believes Shrek escaped from a puppy mill, but his fur was so matted that it was hard for him to move.

“There’s no question from his behavior that he basically had little to no human contact for his entire life,” she said. “This is not a dog who could survive on his own in the forest … so I don’t believe that based on his body condition that he would have been [wandering] more than a week or two at most.”

The story of Shrek’s rescue has spread quickly online, resulting in people lining up to meet him and Gough receiving calls from media outlets all over the world.

“He’s kind of a big deal,” Gough said.

And he’s learning to trust people and other animals.

"He’s a special little guy with a huge fan club," Gough told the U.K.’s Metro. "The outpouring of support from around the world has raised my faith in humanity."


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