Veterinarians Fight to Save Heroic Dog

Firefighters found Carmen, a 9-year-old Boxer, lying on top of her owner in the basement of their Cincinnati home during a blaze Thursday. They believe she was trying to shelter Ben Ledford from the heat, smoke and flames, but unfortunately, Ledford, 33, didn’t survive the fire. His dog is being treated at Cincinnati's Care Center, a critical care veterinary hospital, where she’s on a ventilator. "She's doing OK. Considering what Carmen has been through we think she's doing as well as can be expected," said Dr. Daniel Carey, a vet at the hospital. He said dogs on ventilators have a 50-50 chance of being able to return to breathing on their own. Carmen has shown promise in other areas — she’s mentally alert and shows no signs of neurological problems, Carey said. Things are still touch-and-go for her, and Ledford’s family has started a CrowdRise page to raise funds for her care. — Read it at CNN


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