Vetstreet Editors' Picks From Global Pet Expo

Now that we're back from the 2013 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., we're still talking about all the adorable, ingenious and sometimes just downright cool products we saw there. We spent three days walking the aisles to find out what you'll be seeing on the pet store racks this coming year, and we were definitely impressed!

We selected our favorite dog products, cat products, quirky products and products that are worth the splurge. Dr. Marty Becker handpicked his 10 favorite things, and Mikkel Becker spotlighted new items for training, exercise and wellness.

But what about those cute outfits, helpful cleaning tools and little contraptions that we can't stop thinking about? Check out the 10 new items that made our editors' picks list.

Our Favorite Things From the Show Floor

Bison Designs Leash

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Bison Designs Collars and Leashes

Allan Halprin, Editorial Director: Bison Designs is a Colorado-based company that makes high-quality collars and leashes that last forever. I got one a year ago for my dog Carly, and it still looks brand-new. This year I got one of their newer designs for my dog Cooper, and I expect it to hold up just as well. This aqua/black cabana stripe collar retails for $9, and the 6-foot leash retails for $16. The company has a dozen new styles available in 2013.

Bison Designs Collars and Leashes, $9-$16

Catch It Kitty

Catch-it Kitty

Mikkel Becker, Training Consultant: Ever wish you had a cat toy your cat could eat? Well, get ready, because the Catch-it Kitty is coming to retail stores in July. The fishing toy will keep your cat entertained, and if he catches the fish, he gets to eat it.

Catch-it Kitty, $9.99 for toy and treats; $8.99 treat refill

Isaac Mizrahi Pet Clothes

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Isaac Mizrahi Pet Products

Shayna Meliker, Assistant Editor: Your pet's formalwear should be just as fashionable as yours. Here's a preview of two of the awesome outfits from Isaac Mizrahi's new fall line for pets. The clothes, which come in leopard, blue flower and gingham patterns, will be available at independent pet product retailers. And if you have an animal who doesn't enjoy dressing up as much as you do, Mizrahi's line also features toys, beds, collars, leashes and dishes.

Isaac Mizrahi Pet Products, available in June

Poop Pac


Beth Thompson, Medical Director: Organize everything you need for a walk in one compact carryall — and never worry about forgetting poop bags, keys, your cell phone, balls or treats. This two-compartment holder can be slung over the shoulder, worn on your pack or even clipped to your belt. Don’t want to carry a bag of poop? Just place it in the nonporous foam compartment (complete with an odor absorber) until you find a trash can. It also doubles as a drinking bowl.

PoopPac, $29.95

CFO Personalized Photo iPad Cover

Chief Furry Officer

Personalized Photo iPad Cover

Melanie Kramer, Senior Editor: Chief Furry Officer makes personalized gifts for dogs and owners, and its customized smart iPad cover is top-notch. The process is easy — all you have to do is upload your favorite shot to the website, and they'll take it from there! You know you already have tons of cute pics of your pet on that iPad. The hard part is going to be choosing one to feature.

Personalized Photo iPad Cover, $69.95

Fureraser from Evercare


Fur Erase From Evercare

Melanie Kramer, Senior Editor: If you have a multiple pet household like me, getting rid of fur can be a nightmare. I'm always lugging around several tools to get the job done. When I stumbled upon this two-in-one tool called the Fur Erase, I knew it would become a staple in my cleaning routine. You use the rubber comb-like agitator to loosen the fur, and then use the sticky roller to pull up the fur. When the sticky roll runs out, you just change it like a toilet paper roll. The Fur Erase is currently available in stores nationwide.

Furerase from Evercare, $6.99; refills $3.99



Beth Thompson, Medical Director: Tired of struggling with S hooks and other cheap couplers that come with tags? Whether you have a busy dog whose tags always seem to get lost, or you just want to switch out a collar for different occasions, the ingenious little Tagabiner makes it easy to ensure that as long as your dog has a collar, his tags will stay with him. Peace of mind at a bargain price makes this an easily-identified winner.

Tagabiner, $10.99

Sara England Coasters

Sara England Designs

Coasters by Sara England Designs

Shayna Meliker, Assistant Editor: I'm always looking for adorable little pet-themed things to accessorize my apartment, and these coasters from Sara England Designs definitely fit the bill. The cheerful colors and funny illustrations (including beach-going hounds and some true party animals) are sure to brighten up your next cocktail party.

Coasters by Sara England Designs, $36

Kurgo Go Pro Camera Harness

Kristen Seymour, Vetstreet

Kurgo Go Pro Halter

Kristen Seymour, Associate Editor: Want to see the world through your dog's eyes? The brand new Kurgo Go Pro Halter lets you do just that. It has two holsters for the camera — one on the back, behind the ears, and one on the front — so you can get whatever view suits you best. The harness itself is based on Kurgo's popular walking harness and adapted to be used with the Go Pro device. Production is set to begin on the harness in a couple of weeks, but already we can see this being used for search and rescue dogs, doggy daycare and, of course, just for fun.

Kurgo Go Pro Halter, $40-$50

Critter Zone

Kristen Seymour, Associate Editor: The CritterZone is a small device, not much bigger than a cell phone, but it's designed to clean the air of impurities and odors in spaces up to 800 feet. It utilizes new technology to actually destroy the icky stuff in the air (ammonia, dander) so that it never returns. It's an awful lot of science, but we're excited to test it out for ourselves.

CritterZone, $89.95

Burt's Bees

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Burt's Bees for Dogs

Allan Halprin, Editorial Director: As a big fan of Burt’s Bees products for humans, I was very excited to see that they are introducing a line of dog hygiene products this spring. The shampoos and oral hygiene products can be found in major pet specialty retailers in May.

Burt's Bees for Dogs, $7.99-$19.99

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