Vetstreet's Furry Facebook Fans Dress Up for Halloween

We asked you to share pictures of your costumed pets on Vetstreet's Facebook wall — and boy, did you deliver! We love to see our fans (both human and four-legged) getting into the Halloween spirit!

As promised, here's a look at our 10 favorite costumes.

Our 10 Favorite Costumed Fans

Dogs as Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Jen Larson via Facebook

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

We had no idea the Big Bad Wolf could be so darn sweet!

Dog as Little Red Riding Hood

Cassie Torres via Facebook

Little Red Riding Wolf

Little Momoko gives Red Riding Hood a more lupine spin. After all, there's a little wolf inside every dog.

Cat as Pumpkin

Shelly Starr via Facebook

Pumpkin Kitty

Think babies dressed as pumpkins are cute? This feline could give even the most adorable pumpkin baby a run for his money!

Dogs as Yellowjackets

Susan Bryant via Facebook

Big and Little Bees

Delilah and Roman have us buzzing about how cute they are.

Cat as Superman

Kristin Harris via Facebook

Whiskers the Supercat

Coolest superhero on the block? Why, it's the Cat of Steel, of course.

Dog With Mohawk

Mona Little via Facebook

Punk Rock Dog

We bet the ladies were all over Damion when he rolled up to his Halloween party with his canine mohawk.

Cat as Rooster

Blair Keffer via Facebook


Wilson doesn't look too thrilled to be sporting this rooster hat. But we think it's cock-a-doodle-dandy.

Dog as Cow

Judith L. Humphrey via Facebook

Cullen the Cowdog

This cutie's owner tells us: "When Cullen said he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween, he had something different in mind!" Get along, little doggy.

Cat as Witch

Shelly Starr via Facebook

The Wonderful Witch

Have you ever seen a less scary witch? We'd cuddle with this kitty any day!

Dog as Hot Dog

Judith L. Humphrey via Facebook

Hot Diggity Dog

You didn't think we would have a Halloween gallery without a dog dressed as a hot dog, did you? The irony of Gabriel's costume is just too good to resist!


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