Video Captures Dramatic Rescue of Dog Stranded on Shrinking Ice Patch

After surviving for several days on a shrinking ice patch on Deer Creek Reservoir in Utah, Sadie the dog was rescued by volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue — and it was caught on video. Sadie’s owner, Charelle Meriweather, said her dog was staying at her cousin’s house when she disappeared. She believes someone intentionally opened the fence gate and let Sadie out last Monday. The next morning, Meriweather’s cousin spotted Sadie on ice out on the reservoir. For two days, her brother attempted to rescue Sadie with a canoe, but the nervous dog would run away. Finally, with the ice melting, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office was called to help rescue the dog. When the volunteers arrived in their rescue boat, Sadie had fallen through the ice. They pulled her right out and got her back to her grateful owner — who won’t let Sadie out of her sight. "I am just so glad she is home," Meriweather said. — Watch it at Salt Lake City’s Fox 13


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