Wacky Pet Products From SuperZoo 2012

Honestly, wacky doesn't properly describe some of the things that our pets do to make us laugh, but the word does perfectly characterize several new products that we spotted this week at SuperZoo, one of the nation's largest pet goods trade shows.

Each of these items had us do a double take ... and we weren't the only ones.

Super-Cool Pet Products That We Saw at SuperZoo 2012

Humunga Lips
Moody Pet's Humunga Lips

Apparently, dog toys can be more than just fun — they can be downright funny. Moody Pet’s new mini- and junior-sized Humunga Lips join the clever company’s collection of larger lips, as well as tongue and mustache toys; $12.

Pet Head Scoop n’ Stash
Pet Head's Scoop n’ Stash

The Scoop n’ Stash from Pet Head is a poop scooper disguised as a dainty purse that allows for hands-free, mess-free pickup. And that’s always in style — even if the hot pink bag doesn’t match your shoes; $7.99.

Java Wood Bird Toy Coco Monkey
A&E Cage Company's Coco Monkey

This product made for great people-watching at SuperZoo — nearly everyone who walked by it, stopped, pointed and chuckled. The Coco Monkey bird toy, carved from a coconut, is stuffed with foraging material for added enrichment; $21.99.

Muffin’s Halo
Muffin’s Halo

Muffin’s Halo was initially designed to help keep one visually-impaired dog from bumping his head but it's a fun look for any dog. Especially with the angel wings. From $89.85.

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