Waiter, There’s a Creature in My Beverage

What’s that lurking in the dark depths of your coffee cup? It’s an octopus, it’s a spider, it’s a scary shark — yes, it’s Creature Cups from Brooklyn-based design house Yumi Yumi! Getting a jolt from your morning joe takes on a whole new meaning with these handmade ceramic cups. As your beverage dwindles, the curious face of a sea otter, a crocodile’s toothy smile, or any one of seven visages included in Yumi Yumi’s selection of cups begin to emerge from the depths.

The spider especially is an excellent addition to your Halloween table — Yumi Yumi even offers Creature Cups in sets of four, so you can own all your most startling favorites.

Creature Cups by Yumi Yumi, $19.99 each, $69.99 for set of four.


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