We Want These Cute Cat Shirts Right Meow!

cat workout tops
Credit: Activate Apparel

We're always on the lookout for pet-friendly businesses, but the one place our furry friends never seem to be allowed is the gym. How are our fellow downward doggers supposed to know how we feel about our cats if we can't bring them to yoga? Solution: Adorable kitty workout tanks from Activate Apparel. There are actually a slew of slogans and designs we found funny (like, really funny), but eventually, we landed on the Nya'meowste and Workin' My Fluff Into Tuff tops and knew we'd found our perfect matches.

Shoot, these designs are so fun that they might get us to stop cuddling on the couch with our kitties and exercise! Because, as it turns out, waving the cat's wand toys around for her is not exactly a huge workout for us.

Nya'meowste and Workin' My Fluff Into Tuff tops available in a variety of styles and colors, $22-$44 each at Activate Apparel.

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