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Patty Khuly and her dog

After months of primping, preening and planning my move, I’ve finally arrived at destination Vetstreet.com. And thank God for that! Sometimes prep-work is more taxing than the daily grind. Not that it’s ever a grind, really. Writing about my work life and the issues that both dog and shape my profession is a joy for me –– mostly, anyway. As a blogger who’s written on three platforms (Dolittler.com, Daily Vet, Fully Vetted) and can count almost six years of daily blogging, I’ve learned that this is the kind of work I love best.

Which is why I’m so excited to take on this newest blogging challenge. This column promises to be more professional (the editing team is rabidly persnickety!), yet surprisingly, the culture here is more permissive of my kookiness than I’ve had the pleasure to experience since my first foray into blogging back when I could say anything that popped into my head with nary a thought as to the consequences.

But wait –– I digress. Most of you have no idea who I am! I’m so used to blogging in a community of my own making that I’ve ignored the obvious: I’m a small fish in a big pond all over again. So, by way of self-introduction, I'm going to interview myself!

Self: Describe who you are in 100 words or less.

Dr. Khuly: I’m a pleasantly eccentric, Miami-based veterinarian whose patients are mainly dogs and cats, with the occasional chicken and goat thrown in for good measure. Owned by three embarrassingly misbehaved dogs, four cool cats, two goats, and one reptilian hen shy of a dozen, this single mother of a 13-year-old named Armando begins and ends her day with animals. I even breathe them in on occasion, as I was recently reminded while cleaning out the chicken coop sans surgical mask. (I will not be doing that again!)

Wow. Sounds like I’m looking for a date or something. No. I’m really not right now, but if you’re hot, I may think about it.

Self: What do you write about? And why should I care?

Dr. Khuly: This blog is all about the real world of veterinary medicine –– as I see it, of course. My column is a vet’s blog for pet lovers, vet voyeurs and the medically curious. It’s on Vetstreet because there's no other place on the web where you’ll catch a glimpse of both the brilliance that sometimes happens behind the scenes, as well as the naked underbelly you might not want to know about.

As for the posts, they'll be animal stories, of course. Only this blog will offer them up with less sappy sentimentality, smarter science and greater political intrigue. Topics will range from how to know when it’s time to hit the psychotropic drugs (if ever!) to what your veterinarian reads in her free time — and why that’s even relevant to your pet’s health care.

And here’s why you should care: The more you know about how this industry works, the better you’ll be able to get your pets the kind of care they need. I promise you’ll be so well informed that your vet may just want to kiss you — although that’s not always a good thing.

Self: Why should anyone read this column?

Dr. Khuly: Hopefully, because it turns out to be the most honest, hard-hitting, entertaining, compelling and challenging bit of animalia you read online. It may even become your newest addiction — a healthy one, at that.

So welcome to my world — and enjoy!

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