Welcome to the Year of the Horse

Beyond the zodiac, the horse is still a prominent figure in Chinese mythology. The Horse-Headed Lady sometimes plays a role in folklore about the origin of silk farming and is its patroness. The Horse King Ma-wang, the Celestial Charger, is considered the ancestor of all horses; while the white Cosmic Cloud Horse is an avatar of the goddess of compassion, Kwan-yin (known as Kwannon in Japan.) Winged horses, dragon-horses and horse-faced guardians also appear in Chinese legends.

White horses draw the chariots of many of the sun gods in mythology, including Apollo and Mithra. Four horses also pull the chariot of the Iranian goddess of water, Ardvi Sura Anahita, and represent wind, rain, clouds and sleet. In Norse mythology, the horse is sacred to the god Odin, who rides an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir. The female figures known as Valkyrie also ride horses.

Perhaps the most well-known horse in mythology, though, is the winged-horse Pegasus. Pegasus is the son of Medusa and Poseidon (the god of horses and the sea). Pegasus plays a role in tales of the creation of a fountain whose waters bring forth poetic inspiration, and as the steed of the hero Perseus on many adventures.

New Year Expectations

The wood and horse combination means it should be a lucky time for everyone, so consider making the changes you’ve been waiting to make in your life. While the Year of the Snake may have been a year for caution and planning, the wild nature of the horse means it’s time to take chances! But those born as a Horse should beware of moving too fast. Use your intelligence and instincts to pick the right times to act!


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