We're Wild for These Animal Tees

What could be sweeter than this adorable Scotty tee?

If there's one thing we know to be true, it's that we just can't get enough sweet and whimsical animal-print clothes. If we had drawers filled with pawprint sweaters, and our closets were overflowing with kitty-print dresses, we'd still be on the hunt for more.

Can you choose just one favorite?

Our latest find: the Rendition tee from Anthropologie. The boatneck cotton tee is available in a multitude of colors and prints, including six animal patterns.

The vibrant colors, ranging from sky blue to orange and chartreuse, means this top can make a real statement when paired with jeans or a brightly colored skirt. Plus, the button detail at the neckline and ruched half-sleeves keep it from being too casual. The only real question? Do you want the Doxie print, the leopard, the Scottie or the birds?

Rendition Tee, $48, at Anthropologie.

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