What Crittr Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Since we’ll all be sitting around the Thanksgiving table with our families tomorrow and saying what we’re thankful for, we thought we’d do the same here at Crittr.

From zoo babies to animal-loving celebrities, here are the seven things we’re most grateful for this year.

What We're Thankful For ...

Pig in tutu

Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA

Teacup Piglets Wearing Tutus

We fell in love with little Tallulah admiring herself (and her outfit, of course) in the mirror. Nothing's better than a teeny-tiny porker decked out in a teeny-tiny tutu. She's a miniature pig (also known as a micro or teacup pig) and is featured in a 2013 wall calendar by photographer Richard Austin.


Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Mitik the Walrus Surviving Superstorm Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, we were all concerned about Mitik the orphaned walrus pup. He was rescued off the coast of Alaska and arrived in New York City in October. Thankfully, Mitik (and the rest of his aquatic friends) weathered the storm just fine!

Josh Hutcherson pets dolphin at Georgia Aquarium

Courtesy of Michael Hunt

Josh Hutcherson Petting a Dolphin

Not only does the Hunger Games star love dogs, he’s also a fan of marine animals. He visited the Georgia Aquarium while taking a break from filming Hunger Games: Catching Fire and got to meet a bottlenose dolphin. So even though we’re totally jealous of that dolphin trainer, we’re still thankful we got to share this lovely photo with you.

Pug Hats for Babies
Pug Hats for Babies

Thanksgiving means that the winter holidays are right around the corner, and we're sure a child in your life (OK, maybe an adult too) would love to wear a pug hat ($17, from Etsy). If not, you can just stare at this picture a while. We already have.

Baby Tapir

Denver Zoo

Baby Tapirs

We've covered dozens of zoo babies so far this year, from spur-winged lapwings to Bolivian gray titi monkeys. But we decided that our favorite species is, by far, the tapir. Just look. And look. And looooook.

Fitz Conrad
Lauren Conrad's Puppy

We’re so glad the reality star turned fashion designer/author isn’t afraid to tweet Instagrammed photos of the ridiculously adorable puppy she recently adopted from a shelter.

Anang the otter painting

Courtesy of the Great Lakes Aquarium

Painting Otters

We’re thankful for Zhoosh and Anang — the Picasso and Monet of the animal world.

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