What If the Girls in HBO's "Girls" Were Kittens?

It turns out 20-something problems are remarkably similar to 6-week-old kitten problems. In The Pet Collective’s "Cats," a parody of HBO’s Girls, a group of four foster kittens are faced with the travails and uncertainties of young cathood.

Will Hannah the kitten’s YouTube channel go viral so she can finally pursue her dream of being a voice of her generation? What about her ex-best friend Marnie? Her on-again, off-again boyfriend is famous on Instagram and she’s not doing so great career-wise. Ditzy Shoshanna is just too cute and fluffy. And Jessa, to be perfectly frank, she’s hunting for a tomcat to be in her life.

If you don’t watch the show, you can still enjoy the adorable (and adoptable) kittens. And if you do watch Girls, the season premiere is this Sunday, Jan. 12 on HBO.

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