What Should You Do If You Find a Bunny Nest?

ODNR Division of Wildlife

What Should I Do for an Injured Baby Rabbit?

If you accidentally injure or find an injured bunny, call a local wildlife rehabber for advice. The Humane Society of the United States provides a state-by-state listing of these wildlife experts. If your dog or cat finds a nest and injures one or more of the babies, take your pet inside right away until you can secure fencing or call a wildlife rehabber. If your pet knows where the nest is, he may return to it, potentially causing more harm to the babies.

How Long Will the Rabbits Stay in the Nest?

It will be tempting to check on your little friends, but the more you visit the nest, the more you draw attention to it. Leave it alone, and be patient. These babies won’t be in the nest for long; in no more than three weeks they’ll emerge to begin their adult lives.

Once they are “furred” and you see them hopping about on their own, the babies are fine, Comer says. They may be small, but they will be self-sufficient enough to live on their own, so let them go about their bunny business.

And who knows? One of the babies you help protect may end up making a nest of her own in your bunny-friendly yard, too.

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