What We Loved on the Internet This Week: All the Cute Things Ever

puppy and cheetah
Busch Gardens
Ain't interspecies love grand?

We often put together a short list of things we saw throughout the week that we didn't have a chance to post. But this week, our friends at BuzzFeed Animals did it for us, except they didn't just stop at what they saw in the past week; they went with the 50 cutest things ever to land on the Internet! This list has something for everyone (well, for everyone who likes cute things, anyway). Love cats who mimic human babies? You're in luck. If smiling seals and smoochy otters aren't your thing, (well, first, what's wrong with you?) there's a baby elephant playing on the beach, a cheetah who's BFFs with a dog, and pandas. Several pandas.

Not sold yet? What about pictures of a touching lamb rescue or droopy Basset Hounds running at full speed? We don't even know why you're still here. Go. Read. Smile. You can thank us later.

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