What's Better Than Origami Animals? Origami Animal Instruction Pillows!

pillow with origami trex
Finch and Cotter

We have a soft spot for wee origami animals of all sorts; they're a nice addition to any room decor. But learning to make them can be complicated without really terrific instructions.

Now you can have it both ways: Clear directions for making a variety of origami animals — including a T Rex — printed on pillows that will make your home or office look fantastic.

Finch and Cotter offers a half dozen different origami animal instruction pillows; styles include the T Rex pictured here, a dog, a cat — and even a penguin! The step-by-step instructions are printed on natural cotton canvas fabric with eco-friendly inks. Cases can be washed (inside out, in cold water; lay flat to dry), just in case your real-life cat gets a little too cozy with the Fold a Feline pillow.

Finch and Cotter's pillows are sleek and modern; the colors are muted and simple and the drawings of the actual steps are delightful. And when you find yourself lazing on the sofa with time on your hands, you can use the instructions to fold some origami dogs and cats (or T Rexes). Perfect.

Origami instruction pillows from Finch and Cotter, $30 at Etsy

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