Who’s a Pretty Bird? Disco the Talking Parakeet Touches Lives

Who’s a YouTube Star?

Photo credit: Judy Bolton
One of Disco's YouTube videos has nearly 3 million views.

The first video the family made of Disco chatting away was simply to show their friends. They posted it on YouTube and shared it with a few people. Soon, however, others were subscribing to the videos and asking if Disco had a Facebook page.

More and more people began following the little bird until one of Disco’s videos went viral, catching the attention of the Huffington Post, NPR, Today and many other media outlets.

Since then, Disco’s 187 videos have racked up millions of views, and each new video showcasing his latest chitchat delights his fans.

Unexpected Rewards

The most unexpected yet rewarding outcome of Disco’s fame has been how happy Disco makes people, Bolton says. “It happens every day and sometimes in very poignant ways.”

Of course, Disco's legions of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter fans are proof enough of his allure. But it’s the emails, messages and comments Bolton receives daily that tell the true story of Disco’s impact.

One fan said watching Disco’s videos helps stop her child’s anxiety attacks. Another viewer battling cancer turns to Disco for his doctor-prescribed daily laughter. “People tell me when they’re down, [watching] Disco really helps them," Bolton says.

It’s a good lesson for their family about what’s important, Bolton says. “It’s nice for our daughter to see that different things make people happy. It doesn’t have to be big material things; it’s great that something like this tiny little bird can impact people.”

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